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George Fields - Beyond Realm (Cassette)

£10.00 / Sold Out

Limited to 100 cassettes 90 on clear shells 10 on purple.

Written and produced by: George Fields
Mixing and additional production by: Harry Warren
Mastered by: John Dent at Loud Mastering

Tracklist Show Credits
A1. Andromeda
A2. Lost Your Step
A4. AndalucĂ­a
A5. Maya Shore
B1. Amber
B2. Darkworld
B3. So Real
B5. Crab Nebula
B5. Don't Stand A Chance
C1. Skywalker
C2. Interstellar Youth
C3. Untouchable
C4. Below The Surface
D1. Under Red Sky
D2. Oblivion
D3. Unstuck In Time
D4. Vertigo
D5. She's Between
D6. Nothing Else